ref : 101040800000000
Description :

Insecticide (wood-boring insects), anti-termite and fungicide treatment with temporary fungistatic action for freshly-sawn wood and construction wood: roofing timbers, wood frames, etc. Use diluted to 5% with water.

Application field :


Consumption :

(depending on the species, the size and dryness of the wood) 15 to 20L of RTU product/m3

Manual :

After dilution, the treatment is applied by short dip, spray tunnel or flow-coat.

Advices :

If the wood is machined, the cut surfaces and ends must be treated. Moreover, for outdoor use, wood treated in class 3A must be covered with a top coat.

Compatible with the full range of Sarpap & Cecil Industrie wood finishing products.

Packaging :
25L, 60L, 215L, 500L, 1000L