Sarpap & Cecil Industrie Export solutions, to get the best from wood varieties from around the world

Because the market for wood is world-wide, but the market for its conservation using treatment products is not, Sarpap & Cecil Industrie asserts its aim to get the best out of this living material by the preparation of solutions designed to combat the risks which may weaken it, depending on the climate (humidity) and insects.

E.g. temporary treatment endows it with improved resistance allowing it to withstand periods of storage and transport

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For improved traceability and reliability of marketed wood

With over 45 years of know-how in formulation, Sarpap & Cecil Industry products come with guarantees and certificates of effectiveness proving their reliability, conformity and suitability for use on wood for man and the environment. Choosing wood treated with Sarpap & Cecil Industry products therefore guarantees an optimum level of resistance against biological agents, whatever the type of wood.


Formulas which satisfy the FSC Pesticides Policy

Sarpap & Cecil Industrie formulas for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label wood requiring treatment are designed according to the FSC recommendations defined in the FSC Pesticides Policy. These product references are marketed outside Europe.